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 Homeland Security         JUL 2021


 Homeland Security Compliance             

 Last updated Jan-2018                



 Imperial Productions & Distribution Inc Efforts to Protect Goods:

 All products originating from Imperial's Distribution center have been personally inspected.


 All staff have been cleared by our security procedures.  

 Imperial only deals with reputable suppliers. They are required to comply with Homeland

 security regulations.  Imperial makes every effort to protect your security. 


 US Goods Import Regulations:

 Every package entering the US must to be identified for contents and country of origin. 

 All packages must have the consignees IRS# or Social Security # on the bill of lading

 for order over $2000.00 

 Goods will not be cleared by US customs without this number present.  

 US Customs inputs your revenue number into their computer and confirms that you are

 the consignee. 


  Link to Homeland Security:  or call them @ 202-354-1000



  How to Order Products  1-800-399-7585   



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