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 Feedback and suggestions provided to us, solicited or non-solicited by us.

 There will be no compensation paid with respect to the use of any of your submissions regarding

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 Advice solicited or offered by Imperial, it's staff or 3rd party contractors is deemed to be

 reliable at the time of presentation and as a courtesy to the caller.  Imperial does not have

 all the facts or data relating to your project as would a local designer or architect.

 All dialog with Imperial is to assist the sales processes and is without prejudice.

 Imperial cannot be held liable for the duties and/or responsibilities of a professional on Site

 Designer or Architect unless a separate agreement has been procured with Imperial or MRDCI

 for the responsibility of the Design phase of a project and procurement of product. 

 This includes and is not limited to the suitability of said product(s) including measurement for

 product application, adherence to local and national building codes, and suitability for install

 which includes material suitability and product measurement. 

 Dialog with Imperial's staff at anytime cannot be constituted as a "contract" for advise or

 product procurement. The only contract that is valid is the accepted Quote and accompanying

 terms and conditions signed by the client and accepted by Imperial with consideration of payment.


 Quotes & Contact with Imperial's Staff:

 a) Imperial does not take verbal orders - there are no exceptions. 


 b) All quotes are presented in writing for acceptance by Users.

     Quotes consist of the quote page, schedules and or photos, terms and conditions,

     and a payment form.

     Quotes transform into Orders once the User (now a client)

     accepts the Quote makes full payment and it

     is processed by Imperial constituting acceptance by Imperial

     Refer to Terms with all Quotes.   


 c) Quotes take time, especially Custom Quotes. There is no guarantees expressed

      or implied as to the timeframe for Quotes. 

     Quotes are done as fast as possible, however custom quotes take considerably

     longer times due to the nature of customization. 

    Certain requests for custom quotes may be deemed impractical or not feasible

    thus once examined by manufacturing may be not quoted after a review by

    Imperial with or without notice to the User


 d) Quotes are valid for 5 days.  Product delivery timelines are from the date of

      payment received. All timelines are approximate only and subject to external factors

      such as manufacturing schedules, weather, carrier issues etc.

     Timelines can be guaranteed with insurance bonds issued paid by the client.

     Any changes to a quote will void the quote and a new quote will be generated.


     Any products required to produce custom goods such as templates and plugs that

     are not received in a timely manner will effect timelines. 

     Timelines will vary if templates and plugs receipt is delayed.


 e) If Quotes are not accepted by the client, they serve only as historic information

     gathering purposes only and must be re-quoted due to changing manufacturing

     conditions, changed sales policy, timelines, currency fluctuations, product availability

     and revised product and freight costs.


 f) As information (quotes older than 5 days) provide a point of discussion. 

    Any information or dialog with Imperial's staff, be it by phone, fax or email is

    provided along with the and websites content, to the maximum extent permitted

    by law,  on "as is" basis without any warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied,

    but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular

    purpose, on non-infringement.  Any information regarding install procedures

    are provided as a courtesy and are made "without prejudice".  


    Imperial & MRDCI makes no warranties or guaranty or assurance that the

    print-media or websites content or products will be available, adequate or error free.  




 Imperial & MRDCI hereby expressly exclude any liability for any direct,

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 (including negligence), breach of contract or otherwise, even if foreseeable, provided

 that this condition shall not prevent claims for loss of or damage to your tangible

 property or any other claims for direct financial loss that are not excluded by any

 of the categories set out above.  All commentary articles are written without prejudice


 Limitation of Liability: The websites and any print-media contain technical inaccuracies

 and typographical errors, including but not limited to inaccuracies relating to availability

 of products.  The user of the websites and print-media assumes all responsibility and risk

  for your use of the websites and print-media


 Imperial & MRDCI reserves the right  to modify, alter or update the websites &

 print-media and or the policies, and you agree to be bound by such modifications,

 alterations, or updates.


 Photo Disclaimer:  The photos in the websites and print-media are provided to

 assist the User in making a choice of materials and design. 

 They give an idea of color or texture.  Color and texture in the photos may vary

 from the actual material due to the limitations of photography and printing process. 


 Color in the photo may vary from the actual material due to:

   - the translation and reproduction limitations of photography

   - the limitations of viewing photos at website resolutions

   - the limitations and/or variations of viewing photos on your individual monitor

      with its numerous color and resolution settings


 Natural products like wood, finished composites or painted products there

 will be variances in texture and color which might also vary per batch and in reality

 may differ from the photos on the websites or print-media.


 MRDCI  has traveled the world to photograph examples of the architectural products,

 some new and others from antiquity designed and crated by others.   


 Technical Disclaimer
 Imperial uses reliable trust worthy IT suppliers. 

 There is no guaranty expressed or implied that use of the websites

 or emails from Imperial are free of computer virus.  


 All of these factors are out of Imperial's control. 

 The responsibility for your virus protection resides with the User. 



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